Figuring in a roadside accident is stressful enough. Dealing with an unreliable and unprofessional towing company can only make things worse. One of the many reasons why you have to cherry pick which towing company to deal with is because you don’t want to be overcharged and yet still receive subpar services.  

You know that you already have to pay for the towing services at the moment that you call the towing company. But do you also realize that you have vehicle storage fees to cover as well? These and a whole lot more are the things that you should know beforehand before dealing with a towing company.  

Towing Companies and Insurance Providers  

If you can always call a tow truck provider to help you out in times of roadside emergencies, you have to call your insurance provider first in case your vehicle is no longer drivable because of the incident. More often than not, car insurance providers prefer to organize the towing process of the vehicle themselves. If this is the case with your insurer, it’s best to conform to their guidelines so you can adequately make a claim.  

Since you figured in an accident, you may get shocked and more susceptible to coercion and harassment. Don’t succumb to anybody’s bullying because you still have the right to choose which product or service to use. It’s illegal for any company to force you to pay them for any product or service.  

The Towing Authority Form  

There’s such thing as towing authority form, which is the paperwork that you need to sign to authorize the towing company to haul your vehicle away. Take time in reading the form especially if you haven’t dealt with the towing company before. Be wary of scrupulous individuals who may use the fine print to indicate anything that doesn’t work on your best interest.  

Spend a few minutes looking through every page of the form and sign it only when you’re confident that you’re getting a good deal out of the transaction. Remember that this form is legal and binding. Once you sign it, then it means that you are conforming to everything indicated in it.  

The Truth about Carnapping  

Some towing companies may not be towing companies but carnappers posing as one. Be aware that are unscrupulous individuals who will gladly take advantage of the situation and make you agree to anything that they say. Don’t give towing companies your permission to haul your vehicle away without first verifying if they are legitimate and licensed entities.  

This is an unfortunate incident wherein the towing company will bring your car to a garage that is not authorized by your insurance provider and you can’t take it out until you pay for all the incurred charges. Some of them may even lock you into hiring a company that charges too much on repairs and storage. 

To protect yourself from all these instances, be sure that you deal only with the best towing service Concord NC has to offer. Deal only with professionals because that’s the only way you can protect your best interests.